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Countdown to hNL21 begins

We shall never learn what “is called” swimming … or what it “calls for,” by reading a treatise on swimming. Only the leap into the river tells us what is called swimming’ (Heidegger, 1968:21). It is with much excitement Mike and I kickstart the countdown to the Networked Learning Consortium sponsored node event – hNL21. We … Continue reading Countdown to hNL21 begins

Titles and posts

Chair Change hanfod.NL was generously supported by our Chair, Morten Kure Kattenhøj, as we came into being last year. Sadly for us all, he had to step back due to a departmental reorganisation. We want to thank Morten for his vital initial support in the early days, including in the run-up to the last conference. … Continue reading Titles and posts

GoFund hanfod.NL 🙂

After months of persistent phoning and thinking of ways forward, Mike and Felicity met at Barclays Llanelli so that we could arrange to ‘wet sign’ a mandate to share a bank account and secure full access and transparency viz hanfod.NL funds. This paved the way for reclaiming expenses from last year and setting up a … Continue reading GoFund hanfod.NL 🙂

Gadamer on experience

Many seek to investigate experience(s). Experience is one of the keywords that demarcates qualitative from quantitative research. However, if we will attempt to investigate it and represent it for others, we must ask, ‘what is experience’? I fear that many never pause to consider this but ways ought to be found to trouble the surface … Continue reading Gadamer on experience


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