call for pecha kucha

‘We shall never learn what “is called” swimming … or what it “calls for,” by reading a treatise on swimming. Only the leap into the river tells us what is called swimming’ (Heidegger, 1968:21).

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Drawing upon Heidegger’s analogy, the theme for the HNL21 Pecha Kucha session is ‘Voices from the River’. We wish to hear from those who have already taken to phenomenology’s ‘waters’, who can draw us in and along as we learn with them. The session amounts to an invitation to explore, showcase, and celebrate, what a phenomenological lens can bring to Networked Learning.

Following on from day 1 which focused on Max Van Manen’s Phenomenology of Practice, we invite sharing from all phenomenological approaches, aligned to networked learning themes. These are well expressed in the NLC2020 Call for Papers.

An introduction into phenomenology does not take place by reading phenomenological literature and noting what is established therein. What is required is not a knowledge of positions and opinions. In that way phenomenology would be misunderstood from the very outset. Rather, concrete work on the matters themselves must be the way to gain an understanding of phenomenology (Heidegger, 1997:6–7).

Submission Invitation

We invite you to submit a proposal for the Pecha Kucha (pronounced: “peh-cha-ku-cha”) presentation. This is an informal, engaging and highly visual presentation of 20 slides, each one exactly 20 seconds, for a total presentation time of 6 minutes, 40 seconds. However, we do not require you to use presentation software, you may use whatever audio-visual media you wish, or indeed none, but the time of your slot will be the same, 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

These sessions planned for day 2 of the event are intended to communicate quickly and efficiently research planned, completed or in progress.

Submission deadlines

Those wishing to participate in the Pecha Kucha session should submit an abstract of maximum 350 words by 31st December 2020 to the Conference Committee by email The abstracts will be evaluated for relevance, originality, quality, and clarity and a decision returned to you by 1st February 2021.

The final submission of 20 slides should be sent in Powerpoint format by 2nd May 2021 in PowerPoint format, using ‘PechaKucha’+your name as the file name, e.g. PechaKuchaJaneDoe. Please also bring a back-up copy on a USB key on the day of the event. If you plan to use alternative media, or none, please submit a PDF file that briefly describes your approach, including the media you plan to use.

Guide for Pecha Kucha contributors

The first slide should contain:

  1. Title
  2. Author name and contact email address.
  3. Networked Learning Theme – from the Networked Learning 2020 Call for Papers.

The remaining 19 slides of the presentation should be mainly visual and should concentrate on one or more of the following (keeping in mind the time constraints):

  1. Aim of the study;
  2. research question(s)/ objective(s);
  3. methodology;
  4. research findings;
  5. statement of research contribution.

Note: Remember to be creative and try to choose images that will give your audience a deeper insight to your project.  

On the day: slide timing

To set the time for each slide in PowerPoint:

Microsoft 2010: choose transitions tab > timing > advance slide > after > 00:20.00 > click apply all button. (Note: deselect “On Mouse Click” button).

Microsoft 2007: choose animations tab > transitions to this slide > advance slide automatically > after > 00:20.00 > click apply all button. (Note: deselect “On Mouse Click” button).

The following links provide useful information about compiling a Pecha-Kucha presentation.