Post #hNL21 – Learn and Collaborate with us

We are keen to engage with anyone with broadly similar aims as our own, whatever stage or level of your research. We must continue to learn and we like doing this together. #hNL21 was one step in the medium-term goal of bringing a number of us together at the next Networked Learning Conference (Sundsvall, Mid-Sweden University, 16-18 May 22 – see the main NLC website for the call for papers, etc.).

Prof Nina Bonderup Dohn, hanfod.NL’s Chair, explains our writing ambitions in this VLOG. At the conference we would like to host a phenomenology and networked learning symposium and a Phenomenology of Practice workshop.

There are lots of wonderful videos explaining phenomenology on the Internet, but less which relate to networked learning as well. If you work in this field, please get in touch and perhaps we can arrange a brief VLOG or interview, such as you can see in our VLOG Suite page which contains further details.

If you would like to help with these plans, please get in touch with us through email or the contact form. We would love to hear from you.