hNL21 event preview: 

With the 2021 event moving online only, we have sought to take advantage of synchronous and asynchronous mediums.

  • We will now host a live Phenomenology of Practice workshop spread over two afternoons on 10th and 11th June from 1pm-4:30pm (UK, GMT) (2-5.30pm CET, 6am-9.30am MST) – with sincere apologies to our esteemed Oceanian contacts!). This is quite long so we will build in bio-breaks, and a slot of 30 minutes after the workshop sessions to take follow-up questions and comments – the live online space will remain available live online until 5pm GMT time.
  • We have selected the Zoom platform for the live online workshops.
  • We have a dedicated exclusive Microsoft Teams site, to include VLOGs released weekly in the run-up to the event. The MS Team site will also host a library and offer opportunity to interact in text-based discussions and videoconferencing. Find out more about the VLOGs on this page. Access to the MS Teams site will be granted shortly after registration for the event – we look forward to seeing you there!
  • For some of us, the event is a catalyst for written contributions towards the networked learning conference in 2022 and an edited collection, such as a new book in the Springer Networked Learning series. The MS Team will remain a platform for this work in the months after the June 2021 event.


More details will be published through the private dedicated MS Team site in due course.

Day 1: Thursday 10th June 2021 1pm-5pm (GMT) Zoom

Welcome from the Networked Learning Conference Consortium and your local hosts.

Max van Manen’s ‘Phenomenology of Practice’ Workshop led by Professor Catherine Adams 

PART 1: Intro to phenomenological research and basic concepts – crafting a phenomenological research question

Day 2: Friday 11th June 2021 1-5pm (GMT) Zoom

Returning session introductions by Professor Nina Boderup-Dohn

PART 2: Doing phenomenological research: human science (e.g. gathering material through interviewing, observation) and philosophical methods (e.g., the reduction) – writing lived experience descriptions

Event close

Fees & Conditions 

Thanks to the generous support of the Networked Learning Conference Consortium and the online nature of the event, costs for event attendance are minimal, but pre-registration to this limited capacity event is mandatory.  See Event Registrations/Costs page. To secure the quality of the event, we expect that participants who register and gain access to the MS Team site will attend and actively contribute during the two live online sessions. You should feel no such obligation to participate actively in the MS Team site – we certainly welcome that but understand people have significant commitments to balance.

Registration close 9th June 2021