HNL21 Event Preview: 

Day 1: Thursday 10th June 2021 Cardiff

8.30am (GMT+1): Registration/Welcome 

9.15am-4.15pm (GMT+1): Max Van Manen’s ‘Phenomenology of Practice’ Workshop led by Professor Catherine Adams 

As one example of phenomenological research, Professor Adams leads on an interactive phenomenological research and writing workshop. 

7pm (GMT+1) Delegates are invited to join us for a Welsh Banquet at Cardiff Castle.

Day 2: Friday 11th June 2021 Cardiff

9am-10.45am (GMT+1) ‘Voices from the River’ Pecha Kutcha (open to all phenomenological approaches) 

Details on how to ‘submit a Petcha Kutcha’ 

11am-4pm (GMT+1): Writing workshop led by Professor Nina Bonderup Dohn

In writing groups, delegates will prepare potential contribution to a ‘phenomenology symposium’ at the Thirteenth International Conference on Networked Learning (NLC2022), Sundsvall, Sweden 

Fees & Conditions 

Thanks to the generous support of the Networked Learning Conference Consortium, fees for day 1 and 2 event attendance are minimal, but pre-registration to this limited capacity event is mandatory.  See Event Registrations/Costs.

As explained on the ‘Conference Dinner’ page, delegates must pay and register separately for event social.

Day 1 attendance is a prerequisite of day 2.