workshop leads

Professor Cathy Adams

Cathy Adams is a Professor in the Department of Secondary Education, Faculty of Education and Vargo Teaching Chair at the University of Alberta.

Cathy’s research investigates digital technology integration across K-12 and post-secondary educational environments; ethical and pedagogical issues involving digital technologies including AI; and K-12 Computing Science curriculum and computational thinking (CT) pedagogy. Cathy employs Max van Manen’s “phenomenology of practice”, postphenomenology, media ecology and related sociomaterial approaches in her qualitative inquiries of technologies in teaching and learning.

Professor Nina Bonderup Dohn

Nina Bonderup Dohn is Professor of Learning & ICT, Head of Centre for Learning Computational Thinking and Senior Fellow at Danish Institute of Advanced Study, University of Southern Denmark. She holds an MA in Philosophy and Physics, a PhD in Philosophical Learning Theory and a Higher Doctorate Degree in Applied Philosophy.

Nina is a member of the Steering Committee of the International Networked Learning Conference. She currently holds a research grant from Independent Research Fund Denmark for the project Designing for situated computational thinking with computational things. Her research bridges epistemology and learning theory, both theoretically and in terms of pedagogical practice. A main focus for her is putting phenomenological analysis to use in the investigation of tacit knowledge and its role in networked learning.