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hanfod.NL was generously supported by our inaugural Chair, Morten Kure Kattenhøj, as we came into being in 2020. We are delighted to announce his successor: Professor Nina Bonderup-Dohn. With Nina as Chair, hanfod.NL has a vital umbilical connection with the Networked Learning Conference Consortium. Nina has already gifted her wealth of advice to support the day-to-day running of hanfod.NL by Mike and Felicity.

hanfod.NL’s ‘Ffenomenolegydd Preswyl’/’Phenomenologist in Residence

Professor Cathy Adams takes up the position of ‘hanfod.NL Ffenomenolegydd Preswyl*’- Phenomenologist in Residence’, a nominal post for two years initially. This is probably the first-ever time that this phrase has been coined. Cathy has made a remarkable contribution to the field, and to hanfod.NL in particular. When we started hanfod.NL we could not have imagined that someone as prominent and prestigious as Cathy would give so generously and patiently of her time to run several many hours-long meetings with us, helping us develop our phenomenological practice. We thank Cathy for her work, support and openness to work with scholars of different hues.

*Ffenomenolegydd Preswyl – for our non-Welsh speakers /fɛnɒmɛnoˈlɛgɨð ˈprɛswɪl/ (IPA version – international phonetic alphabet) fen-om-en-ol-egi-the prez-wil (COG version – common or garden – note that the underlines indicate an emphasis on the penultimate syllable and that the ‘the’ is trying to get you to pronounce the Welsh letter ‘dd’, so, a bit like ‘th’ as in ‘the’ (i.e. try saying ‘them’ without the ’em’).


Dr Mike JohnsonCo-Founder of hanfod.NL & co-Chair of hNL21


Dr Felicity Healey-BensonCo-Founder of hanfod.NL & co-Chair of hNL21