organising team

We are greatly indebted to the Networked Learning Conference Consortium for sharing the vision, as well as financial and practical support.

Co-Chairs of HNL21

Dr Mike Johnson

My first encounter with phenomenology was when reading for teacher training in Bath in 1997. 20 years later I’m being drawn into a thesis-driven tango with Heidegger, among others. My research sought to explore what it is like to be a healthcare student with a mobile phone (does your phone control you or do you control it? 😉

Apart from hanfod.NL, one of my latest projects is to read Gadamer’s Truth and Method, two pages per day. It’s a challenging text so, apart from making my own notes, I decided to launch a place in Wikiversity where we could help each other. Please do join in.

Felicity Healey-Benson





Alongside my sustainability and entrepreneurial learning championing roles, I teach across a breadth of undergraduate and postgraduate level modules (online and face-to-face) within the Business and Sustainability Leadership portfolios.

I am currently engaged in a doctoral phenomenological study of educators’ lived experience of nurturing the development of Higher Order Thinking Skills, specifically Creative & Critical Thinking skill

Through hanfod.NL, I am keen to augment understanding and invite challenge to ongoing interpretation and application of phenomenology in a Networked Learning context, particularly to support novice researchers.