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‘We shall never learn what “is called” swimming … or what it “calls for,” by reading a treatise on swimming. Only the leap into the river tells us what is called swimming’ (Heidegger, 1968:21).

An introduction into phenomenology does not take place by reading phenomenological literature and noting what is established therein. What is required is not a knowledge of positions and opinions. In that way phenomenology would be misunderstood from the very outset. Rather, concrete work on the matters themselves must be the way to gain an understanding of phenomenology (Heidegger, 1997:6–7).

In general, our VLOGs theme draws from Heidegger’s analogy cited above, ‘Voices from the River’‘Lleisiau o’r Afon’. We wish to hear and learn from those who have already taken to phenomenology’s ‘waters’, who can draw us in and along as we learn with them. The VLOG suite is our invitation to explore, showcase, and celebrate, what a phenomenological lens can bring to Networked Learning.

VLOG invitation and instructions text is contained in a googledoc. If you would like to submit a VLOG or point us to a useful resource, please get in touch by email to info@hanfod.NL This form is being used to collect the videos and relevant information pertaining to them.

Below is our YouTube playlist but more are available on our YouTube channel. We issue a blog post to introduce each new VLOG so be sure to subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel to get updates.