symposium AND workshop accepted for nlc22

It was with great relief and gratification we heard that our double symposium and phenomenology of practice workshop proposals were accepted for the coming conference. This was something of a make-or-break moment for our plans and this post celebrates the hard work of our collaborators, now including those who reviewed our work! The two reviewers made excellent comments for us to take forward, into the conference and our hoped for edited collection as part of the Networked Learning Springer book series.

Having missed out on an in-person event last year due to the pandemic, it is a marvellous prospect to be looking forward to hosting a phenomenology of practice workshop at Sundsvall in May is a marvellous prospect. We think the online version worked quite well but now we hope and plan in earnest for something even better.

The prospect of the symposium, and beyond, causes us to reappraise what hanfod.NL stands for and how it defines phenomenology. The draft symposium introduction draws a distinction between phenomenology and phenomenography and one reviewer thought this was a distraction. However, we are acutely aware of our audience, that many of those unfamiliar with these concepts will presume there is a close link, particularly because the confernce has routinely featured phenomenographic articles but less so phenomenological ones. In a similar way, notable by its absence will be contributions from the interpretive phenomenological analysis stable, because IPA is arguably reducable to methods of data gathering and analysis. We agree with the view that a better fit for the ‘P’ of IPA could be ‘psychological’, as this would seem a better match with what IPA articles offer… rather than evoking ‘wonder in the face of the world’, as was dear to the Utrecht School

While trying to stay true to values of openness, we continue to consider and define what hanfod.NL is about, perhaps with respect to the authors we draw from, or certain styles of thinking and practices…. It is an exciting journey! Our tickets are booked! Hope you can join us!?

Hope you enjoy this Sundsvall photo group found on Flickr:


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